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  Ceramic pet bowls for your dog and cat.

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Outlast Dog Beds Heated and Cooled Pet Bed

Ceramic Designer Dog & Cat Water and Food Bowls

Certified International Designer Ceramic Cat and Dog Bowls

We as people have special plates and glasses for eating and drinking. Don't you think that your pet is entitled to the same thing? Introducing our new Certified International ceramic dog bowls and ceramic cat bowls - ideal for pampering your pets when it's time for them to eat or drink! These unique dog and cat bowls are exclusively designed by some of the world's most prominent designers, constructed from strong 'human-grade' ceramics, and are adorned with colorful patterns and designs that are sure to have your friends asking you where you got that cute bowl! And all cat and dog bowls are dishwasher safe, making your cleanup simple and quick. Rest assured that all Certified International pet water and food bowls have been tested for lead and cadmium, and they exceed California's Proposition 65 requirements - the strictest requirements in the world, even more strict than USFDA requirements.

Ceramic Dog and Cat Food and Water Bowls:

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