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Outlast Dog Beds Heated and Cooled Pet Bed


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Snoozer Luxury Lookout I Pet Car Seat

The Snoozer Luxury Lookout I Pet and Dog Car Seat allows your pet ride is style and comfort with the Luxury Lookout I pet car seat. Made with an elegant microsuede cover your pet is sure to enjoy their chic new car seat. Available in a variety of colors you are sure to find the perfect car seat to match any car. For added convenience include the Lookout Travel Rack allows your pet to have food and water while on the go.
Snoozer Luxury Lookout I Dog Car Seat Features:
  • Zipper removable microsuede cover
  • Includes pillow with removable/washable cover for added comfort
  • Connection strap included for the seat belt to join the harness
  • Available in a variety of fabric options

  • Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Seat Install Instructions

Pet & Lookout Size Guide

* Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions Pet Weight
Small 12" W x 14" D 19" H x 15" W x 17" D Up to
18 lb.

Medium 18" W x 14" D 19" H x 22" W x 17" D Up to
25 lb.

Size Color/Pattern Price QTY
Medium Black/Herringbone
MPN: 37287
Medium Hot-Fudge-Café
MPN: 37293
Medium Pink
MPN: 37295
Medium Butter/Black
MPN: 37292
Medium Herringbone/Black
MPN: 37289
Medium Saddle/Butter
MPN: 37286
Medium Red/Camel
MPN: 37288
Medium Olive/Coffee
MPN: 37281
Medium Camel/Olive
MPN: 37280
Medium Peat/Coffee
MPN: 37279
Medium Buckskin/Java
MPN: 37275
Medium Dark Chocolate/Buckskin
MPN: 37273
Medium Anthracite/Black
MPN: 37272
Medium Navy/Camel
MPN: 37270
Medium Coffee/Peat
MPN: 37267
Medium Chaparral Silver
MPN: 37244
Medium Buff Mutt (lookouts only)
MPN: 37299
Small Chaparral Silver
MPN: 37044
Small Black/Herringbone
MPN: 37087
Small Hot-Fudge-Café
MPN: 37093
Small Pink
MPN: 37095
Small Butter/Black
MPN: 37092
Small Herringbone/Black
MPN: 37089
Small Red/Camel
MPN: 37088
Small Saddle/Butter
MPN: 37086
Small Olive/Coffee
MPN: 37081
Small Camel/Olive
MPN: 37080
Small Peat/Coffee
MPN: 37079
Small Buckskin/Java
MPN: 37075
Small Dark Chocolate/Buckskin
MPN: 37073
Small Anthracite/Black
MPN: 37072
Small Navy/Camel
MPN: 37070
Small Coffee/Peat
MPN: 37067
Small Buff Mutt (lookouts only)
MPN: 37099
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